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Sarah CORNELL,  

Born: 30 MAR 1623 in Saffron Walden, Essex, England
Died: 1690 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Age: 67 years
   Born    Married    Died
Children with John BRIGGS
Susannah BRIGGS Born: 1672
Died: 7 NOV 1704
Enoch BRIGGS Born: ABT 1645
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Died: 1734
Job BRIGGS Born: 1648
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Died: AFT 1734
Thomas BRIGGS Born: 1644
Portsmouth, RI
Died: 12 JAN 1720
Dartmouth, MA
William BRIGGS Born: 1650
Portsmouth, Little Compton, RI
Died: 12 MAY 1716
Little Compton, RI
John BRIGGS Jr. Born: 1642
Portsmouth Newport, RI
Died: 2 JUL 1713
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Notes: Another record says that Sarah was the daughter of George CORNELL and
Susan CASSE. Richard and Mary CORNELL have more proof that they are her parents.
No record of her birth has been found.

See notes for John BRIGGS, her husband.
30 MAR 1623 - 1690


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